*Prädikat wertvoll der Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden

Noahs life became a nightmare. Loosing his job and family leads him to drugs, prostitution and solitude. Nothing left than growing pains, there is only one who can give him back his peace and hope ...

written, edited and directed by
marc boehlhoff
produced by
christian brecht and ümit uludag

director of photography
lawrence richards

camera assistant, camera operator, digital colorist
philipp weinrich

music composed by
antonio gervasoni

christian heiter, Fabian Grätz, Johannes Lauxen

additional double bass with effects
fernando yokota dos santos

assistant director
frederic leitzke

production supervisor
thomas nees
david nathan and john chapman

wolf richert
ali murtaza
sandro parulava
hairy chest

(c) indievisuals / klub der söhne 2009

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