A different kind of team building that improves lives!

Your team can now change the lives of dozens of orphans while enjoying a team building holiday in one of the most beautiful destinations in South East Asia.

Thanks to this team building activity underprivileged orphans and handicapped kids will get their first ever bed made by your team that stops them sleeping on the floor; and they get their first ever toy.

The photos here (topteam.co/tour/holidays/1064-charity---teambuilding-combined.html) stem from one of the local orphanages where many of the 130 children were abandoned by their parents. Although these orphans are now well looked after by the nuns, that dedicate their lives to help these children, these children are living well below the poverty line due to a lack of resources.

Instead of just making a blind donation, Top Team Vietnam enables you to visit an orphanage, bond with the children and see the fruits of your labor as your team assembles the pre-fabricated beds, repaints part of the school, cooks a healthy buffet for the children, and supplies brand new clothes, toys and stationary throughout the day.

Bench and table sets will be donated to the orphanage with your company logo and a plaque with all your teams' names hung proudly outside the classrooms as a long lasting memory of the great work that has been accomplished.


Video: Bonding with cheerful kids from an orphanage while washing dishes with them.

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