You walk down the street and you hear Spanish. You are in the bodega or the subway and you hear excited voices exchanging news in Spanish. It seems that everywhere you turn, you hear “the people” speaking Spanish! It’s not a secret that Spanish and the Latino community are here to stay. But although this group has the Spanish language and many customs in common, this is not a single group. CNN recognized the need for a network that connected with the various groups within this population.


With many members of the diverse US Latino population in-house, we, “the people,” developed the new channel’s full brand. We collaborated with CNN to coin the name CNN Latino (vs CNN en Español) and developed a visual identity that targets the various Latino communities within the U.S. who share a common trait of viewing the world through the lens of a Latino living in America. Specific show brands - “Sin Límites” and “Magazine” - complemented the connection for specific show content.

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