Today, we met the craziest ji muis and heng dais in Joshua's big day. He keep asking for more discount, wahahahhaha...but i know he was just teasing me. The bride, Aileen, is very talkative, and she is the only bride that not concern about how she look in the camera, self-confident "wasai..." In the group of Ji Muis, 3 guys starring as aqua and we called them "Chow Aqua", they totally changed after make up (credit to ji mui). Chow Aqua very naughty in front of our camera, make us can't stop laughing. When the games start, all heng dai so excited to involve in the sports games, whatever well planned by ji muis, Crazy Man! Aileen and Joshua, you are a very lovely couple, we are also very happy to know you guys. Happy wedding.

Definition on Cam' : Capture Amazing Moments
20 April 2013

Produced by:
Inspiron Studio

Camera Team:
Calvin Woo
Caesar Lo

Caesar Lo

Tel : 03-80110095 / 016-3220389

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