Compiled here are the promos that I edited to accompany our May sweeps pieces.

All promos were edited in FCP-X with lower 3rds created in Motion.

0:01-0:15- Winchester Speedway (Cassie Behofist)- premiered 4/25
0:16-0:31- The Love of Riding (Alyssa Raymond)- premiered 5/14
0:32-0:47- Knowing What You're Eating (Maria Satira)- premiered 5/16
0:48-1:03- Changing Drug Slang (Hattie Cheek)- premiered 5/20
1:04-1:19- Medication Addiction (Derrick Lewis)- premiered 4/29
1:20-1:35- An Unsolved Murder (Katrina Bush)- premiered 5/6
1:36-2:23- Healthy for Life Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3 (Julie Kelley)- premiered 5/8, 5/15, 5/22
2:24-2:39- Kelani Bailey (Matt Estreich)- premiered 5/21
2:40-2:55- Brian Barlow (Brian Kaufman)- premiered 5/7
2:56-3:11- Return of the Cicadas (Drew Tuma)- premiered 5/9
3:12-3:27- A Ticking Time Bomb (Channing Frampton)- premiered 5/13

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