U.S. veterans are deported from the United States every year.

Contrary to what they read and were told by recruiters, joining the military as a means of showing loyalty to the United States did not make them citizens.

As a result of a rather extreme law passed by Congress in 1996, many U.S. veterans find themselves banished from the country they were willing to die for. It makes no difference that they served in the military with honor, were awarded a purple heart, were injured in combat or suffer from PTSD.

In essence, they are humiliated and dumped into another country without any form of a social network. They are left to fend for themselves without their veteran’s benefits or a clue of how to survive in their new environment.

U.S. Navy veteran, artist and activist LowkeyRider1 (Amos Gregory) travelled to Mexico in April 2013 to create a mural project called the Deported Veterans Mural Project, which resides on the U.S. Mexican border fence that separates deported veterans from their families. This project is now a sister city to the SF Veterans Mural Project started by LowKeyRider1 in San Francisco's Veterans Alley.

U.S. veterans are being deported not only to Mexico but also to Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile, Pakistan, Italy and the United Kingdom... to name a few.

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