The first film directed by photographer Crash Taylor.

"It was a long journey, but what an amazing learning experience to shock the creative brain with. The film set is intense and you seriously feel like you're brain is getting a workout. Directing is awesome, definitely a challenge and something you learn by actually doing it. My passion will always be with the camera and lighting.

For my first ever short film, I jumped in the deep end with a run time of 20 + minutes with multiple actors, locations, Armourer, a child, etc... Probably not the wisest decision for a first film. For me though, it was an investment in my future and being able to refine my cinematography and editing skills while working with each department through the entire production phase = real learning ;-) Priceless.

Since filming, I have taken many courses and workshops at Raindance, to take the knowledge further. It's exactly the same as photography. You never stop learning new techniques no matter how long you have been in the game.

Jar of Angels had a great response from the festivals we submitted to, but we didn't win Cannes International Film Festival. Oh well, next time right?

A massive thank you to everyone on the credits and my family for taking this journey with me. I'm very proud of my first film, which convinced me I want to continue making films.

I'm producing a few films under Crash Taylor Films at the moment, which I'll be Directing the Photography. Will be posting once complete.

Thanks for watching and take care.

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