Campbell Scientific Automatic Water Samplers. Learn more at: Refrigerated composite sampler for water, wastewater, storm water and industry. Campbell Scientific composite sampler for wastewater that replaced the Isco Wastewater Samplers that became unreliable for this wastewater treatment plant.

The refrigerated composite wastewater sampler uses durable outdoor rated steel enclosure, a stainless steel refrigerator with glass door and an all stainless steel sampler strainer. The BVS 4300C sampler provides a composite wastewater sample into a 20L Nalgene container.

The BVS4300C is a stationary water sampler designed for outdoor use. It is housed in a heavy duty outdoor rated steel enclosure to resist the harshest of conditions. The refrigerated sampler uses reliable, long-lasting, vacuum sampling technology. This vacuum sampling method allows for sample draws up to 250 feet horizontally and results in faster sample draws with less disturbance of the sample contents. There is also less wear on the tubing, resulting in less-frequent maintenance.The BVS4300C is a composite sampler, with all samples combining into a single container.

Manufactured since the late sixties as Sirco samplers, Campbell Scientific is now manufacturing them in the USA and has improved the water sampler product line and distribution of the entire sampler line to the rest of the world.

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