7th Grade Visual Arts
CAPA 6-12 and The Irma Freeman Center

It Is obvious that we can not live without air the very thing on the earth that we all seem to take for granted and advantage of. We expect it to be there even when we are sleeping but never give much thought to the idea that it might not be here some day. We, the 7th grade visual art students at CAPA 6-12 all know or have family members and fiends that suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems that become aggravated on high pollution days. Riding a bike or walking instead of driving is one way we can help our friends and family breath a little easier and show them we care. Something as simple as turning off the lights when we are not in the room can make a big difference in the amount of pollution released in the air. These easy solutions don’t seem like much but if we can encourage everyone to practice these tips we can make a major difference in our own environment now and for many years to come.

Being students in an art school gives us the opportunity to use our artistic talents and create new work in photography, video, painting, drawing and just about any medium you can think of about our air quality. It is our goal thought exhibitions, and public viewing of work to encourages our viewers to move beyond contemplation towards action.

Using art to inspirer and motivate is a very powerful and effective way not only to encourage creativity and stimulate the imagination but also show the public that we care. During the opening receptions for each show we will invite the public to celebrate youth, and the environment with performances from the talented students enrolled in CAPA 6-12 , food and activity for all to enjoy!

We will coordinate an exhibition of work created by the students in the CAPA gallery. We will also partner up with the Irma Freemans Center For Imagination located in Garfield with an exhibition of clean air inspired student work.

Technology has made many things possible today that was not in the pasted. Clean energy from wind and solar power is now a realistic alternative. We would use a portion of the funding for transportation to the wind turbines in Somerset country and one of the Power Plants in Pennsylvania. We would talk with and interview experts in alternatives recourses. Understanding the economically fragile ground we stand on when it comes to our energy is also something we need to understand. The remainder of the funding would be used for supplies and equipment used in the creation of meaningful and thought provoking art work carrying a positive message and hopefully some solutions to our environmental issues concerning the very air we breathe.

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