The lighting in "Blade Runner" was instrumental in my desire to make films. Jordan Cronenweth's cinematography of that film was ahead of its time, and still looks great today. I did my best to recreate the look of one scene I've always found particularly beautiful. For years, I've wanted to do this scene. Now, with the Gh-1, I finally did it!
And, in a casting coup, Speed Levitch plays Deckard. You may know Speed from films like "The Cruise", "Waking Life", and from the cartoon series "Stroker & Hoop".
Shot using a Nikon 24mm and a Nikon 35mm prime. GH-1 set to the Smooth setting. Contrast at minus 2. 200 ISO, shutter speed 1/50th, lens at f2.0. White balance set to Tungsten (the light bulb icon). 1080p 24p. Converted to Apple Pro Res in FCP. Pulldown removed with JES Deinterlacer. Graded with FCP Color Corrector 3-Way Filter and Magic Bullet Looks.

Don't expect a complete story, or even a complete scene. It's just a lighting experiment.

I love my GH-1!

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