This short is targeted towards Excessive Drinking which can impact a child / young adults mental health and well being.

Most people can relate to the simplistic character as the character has no face and no real identity. So it doesn't pick out any individuals. People can see their self within this character they can relate to the actions the character is taking.

Most young people encounter alcohol and in my animation I was hoping to show them where they could end up. Also I wanted to show the parent/garda the implications of excessive drink in a young adult.
As the character drinks and nods his head, we see their life unfold in front of us and shows us the path they could end up showing the realization that this could happen to them !

Through the world survey document I obtained information and facts that I could prove excessive drinking is apparent in todays lifes this could then leads to mental health issues, and self harming and increased stress and depression and anxiety.

I only hope my animation can help that of someone in relation to Excessive Drinking.

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