I spent three - four days in the studio with Foy Vance between May 2012 and February 2013 as he recorded various bits for his new album, the magnificently titled "Joy of Nothing." From only being there a short amount of time I learnt a couple of things.

One : That I am a bit of a curse. Of the six songs I was in the studio for only two made it onto the final track listing. My personal favourite, I Will Be, which was in a very rough form was never actually tried in the studio. It is the song that Foy plays on the piano with the tripod'd camera catching glimpses of his moustache every once in a while. That was filmed the night before we went to the studio and was one of maybe 5 songs Foy played me that night as I sat on the floor with my Zoom recorder and a beer. That night led me to learn the second thing.

Two : Foy is one of the most prolific writers I have had the pleasure of filming. I guess with 6 years between recording Joy of Nothing and his first album you would expect Foy to have written a lot of material. From what I could tell however most of these songs came in a period where Foy was joined in the Highlands with Producer Michael Keeney. Away from that, Foy had introduced two or three songs as just written to me on the night mentioned in point One. There were countless little riffs and chord progressions dotted through out my time in the studio with him, each one asking to be developed and finished. Every song sounded to me as if it needed to go on this record. I was amazed at the wealth of songs that were not recorded in the studio, mainly a consequence of time and the strength of the songs that had already been confirmed to appear on the album. It all points to a wonderful third album to follow a wonderful second album.

This film was shot on a Canon 7D and 5D using a Canon 50mm 1.4 and a Tokina 11-16mm 2.8.

Directed / Edited/ Filmed by babysweet
All songs written by Foy Vance
Produced and Arranged by Michael Keeney
Band: Paul Hamilton, Colm McClean, Conor McCreanor, Michael Keeney, Foy Vance
Engineered by Michael Keeney, Tommy McLaughlin, and Ian McNulty
Assistant Engineer Orri McBrearty
Recorded at Attica Audio, Donegal


Foy Vance's new album, Joy Of Nothing, is available the week of August 26, 2013 from Glassnote.
Preorder the album on iTunes here: smarturl.it/FVJoyOfNothing

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