I shot this lovely sunset in Eugene to test the raw video capability the 5d mark III now has thanks the to magic lantern team. Be sure to download the original to see a better representation of the quality RAW affords.

Song: "Vivaldi - Credo: Et Carnatus Est" by the Advent Chamber Orchestra
from the FMA

Shot on a 5d Mark III
5-16-13 Magic Lantern Nightly Build
Shot at 24fps 1920 x 840 on a Lexar 400x 64GB CF
24mm 1.4L II & 70-200mm 2.8L IS II/2x Extender III
ISO: 100-3200

Workflow: Used raw2dng
Imported and color graded in lightroom. In lightroom, I used a fair amount of color noise reduction since I was using the full dynamic range of the sensor but no luminance noise reduction. Exported to premiere CS6 via 100% jpgs. Premiere was only used to cut the video.

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