Take a look back at Chad’s 2012 Everest Attempt.

Originally Posted May 24, 2102 - Chad continues his acclimatization with a rotation from Camp 2 to Camp 3 and above, eventually exceeding 25,000 feet before returning to rest and wait on a suitable weather window for his summit bid. (*Chad Kellogg is attempting to best the established best known time for a speed ascent of Mount Everest.)

Chad's 2013 Everest Gear:
Lodestar Jacket - outdoorresearch.com/en/or-gear/mens-lodestar-jacket.html

Havoc Jacket - outdoorresearch.com/en/or-gear/mens-havoc-jacket.html

Supercharger Pants - outdoorresearch.com/en/or-gear/mens-supercharger-pants.html

Sequence Long Sleeve Crew - outdoorresearch.com/en/or-gear/mens-sequence-l-s-crew.html

Ninjaclava - outdoorresearch.com/en/or-gear/ninjaclava.html

Revel Cap - outdoorresearch.com/en/or-gear/revel-cap.html

Alti Mitts - outdoorresearch.com/en/or-gear/mens-alti-mitts.html

Arete Gloves - outdoorresearch.com/en/or-gear/mens-arete-gloves.html

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