Alyna was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at nine months of age. There is no cure for cerebral palsy, so the goal is for the individual to become as independent as possible. Adriana has been capturing Alyna’s progress on video and is amazed by what has been accomplished at The Shea Center in just three months.

When Alyna started riding, she was unable to sit up and could not lift her head. In the time she has been riding at the Center, her trunk strength has increased dramatically and she can now sit up straight on the horse, hold her head up, balance, and wave her arms in the air.

Because riding relaxes Alyna’s muscles and improves the mobility of her hips and legs, she can now take steps with assistance. Alyna is non-verbal, but now vocalizes in reaction to the horse’s movement and smiles and laughs when the side walkers sing songs to her.

Alyna attends various therapies during the week and the other mothers are amazed by her progress. In fact, we have some new riders at the Center due to Adriana’s recommendation and what the other parents have observed of Alyna’s quick progress.

When asked, the doctors could not tell Adriana if Alyna would ever walk. After seeing the progress Alyna has made, Adriana says, “Words cannot express the hope The Shea Center has given our family.”

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