We're in the year 2023. Oil is getting depleted on our planet. However, mobility will continue
to exist, it needs to. Such mobility not only includes boring electric vehicles for the city but
also supersportcars with alternative drive systems. Flat, fast, extreme – cars that still set
everyone in the mood for mobility without having a bad conscience – such as the eco-friendly
Diamante Concept Car. This concept combines exclusivity and extremes in one single

The name says it all. The most valuable mineral in the world stands for luxury, but also for
naturalness, pureness, hardness and beauty – exactly as the dream car with the white collar.
Its extremely flat silhouette is flanked by sharply outlined edges, the curved surface appears
to be unpolished, rough, precious.

The shooting location accommodates this impression. The commercial describes the genesis
of the octahedron-shaped crystal in an abstract way: Formation, birth and a travel to different
places. This way the original issue of the 3D visualization has been turned into a benefit for
the design approach. For today's clientele which is to buy tomorrow's supersportcar.


Studio Granjard

Lean Design GmbH (wearelean.com/)

Automotive Design:
Thomas Granjard

Alias 3D & Surfaces:
Thomas Granjard

Lean Design GmbH

Tom Nowak
Christoph Große Hovest (grossehovest.com/)

Creative Director:
Tom Nowak
Christoph Große Hovest

Visual Concept:
Tom Nowak
Christoph Große Hovest

Lead 3D:
Christoph Große Hovest

3D Artists:
Christoph Große Hovest
Maurice Panisch
Tom Nowak
Jan Sickinger
Thomas Granjard

Lead Compositing:
Christoph Große Hovest

Compositing / 2D Artists:
Christoph Große Hovest
Jan Sickinger

Music & Sound Design:
Soupe Music, Köln

CD/Music Composer/Sound Designer:
Tom Nowak

Mastered at Steffen Müller Mastering

DVD Authoring / Blu-ray:
Group of Pictures, Köln

Special thanks to:
Christian Kalbhenn

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