"Fare Well is a modern Greek-style tragedy, delivered by a warrior goddess." Ballet-Dance Magazine, Carmel Morgan.

Fare Well - an evening-length performance by pioneering choreographer Maida Withers, Steve Hilmy, electronic musician/composer, and Ayo Okunseinde, new media artist. Fare Well brings insight and vibrant critique to the contemporary issue of end time. Fare Well is as extreme in its moods and absurdities as we might think of "extreme weather." We watch hypnotized, immobilized, arrogant, innocent and powerful - as the fires rage, volcanoes erupt, the Arctic melts, the Earth becomes parched, and the seas rise.

The performance engages the audience intimately through the real-time interactive aspects of the performance where the dance takes place in ever-changing projected environments on the floor and the backdrop. The music is dramatic and penetrating. The text brings immediacy and clarity to the ideas as the dancer talks and frame questions to the audience.

Fare Well was created during residencies and performances in Nairobi, Kenya (Cultural Envoys for the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, and the GoDown Arts Centre), Salt Lake City for the Utah Arts Festival with performance poet Alex Caldiero; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Laban Celebration; Puebla/Cholula, Mexico for Performatica; and Kanab, Utah for the Amazing EarthFEST.

For more information and photos visit: maidadance.com/FareWell.htm

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