This project introduces a female acrobat who has to distinguish a reality from hallucinations and daydreams. Most of her nights are interrupted by insomnia and a battle of chaotic thoughts that shape into bizarre world while she is subconscious. Her exaggerated imagination presents a fictional story where small creatures and original objects merge with her reality. Sometimes, she is able to control movements of her body, however, there are times where she is also a part of the audience who doesn't know what happens next.

This project investigates a complex phenomenon of sleep disorder where hallucinations, daydreams and insomnia create an interesting semi-conscious state which produces innovative ideas and creative thought processes. However, another part of this experiment explores anxiety feelings and distress caused by overloaded mind.

Directed by Natalia Lewandowska
Voice Over by Jade Goto
Royal College of Art, London 2012

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