"Scout Niblett takes heartbreak into her own hands by dressing up as Snow White for the day while making appearances and rounds at a local Portland, Oregon carnival in the video for "Gun". The grungy guitar song of spite and vengeance is shown as a Disney princess's outing at the fair meeting fans, riding bumper cars, Ferris wheels to shredding on an inflatable guitar. As the opening number from the upcoming Drag City album It's Up To Emma, "Gun" brings a modern murder ballad bang that begins a search to fulfill the absent space between closure and revenge set to the holiday lifestyle of a fairy tale monarch.

Scout Niblett embraces her inner Snow White, like the banner message from her European tour t-shirts that reads:

"I wonder if in my next life I'll remember being Snow White in this one?"

All dressed up in her Snow White best, Niblett walks through Portland while destitute lyrics give a sinister veneer that is more in line on the surface with the Brothers Grimm's wicked Queen. "I think I'm going to buy me a gun, a nice little silver one, and in a crowd someday, you won't see it coming anyway", creating a menacing character for the classic protagonist leaving you to wonder what she will do next, as she passes by a group enjoying a public fountain with a sly smile.

The contrasts from the video's festival cheer to the song's heavy heart weights provide more complicated underlying edges for a song about unfinished business. "Maybe you'll be holding her hand, or watching her shitty band, really what did you expect, spending months lying in her bed". While twirling about the park, the care-free leisure of enjoying the attractions, rides and carnival goers provides Scout's royal alter ego with a self-affirming way to bring a 'treat yo self' attitude for a mind full of malice. "Your lies came so easy, I can't believe a thing they work on me", sang with the image of Snow White on a date with herself. "I watched you both hide out, you didn't want the world to find out," smile, flailing diplomatic hand gestures but seething with a smirk burning from within.

Living a princess's life of waving from the carousel and posing for family photo-ops; confidence and resolve bring on new gratitude and thanks for the sordid circumstances. "You took your love away from me and I am thankful, every day, she took your love away from me, from me, and I am thankful, every day". And in the blaze of blood letting from a prized inflatable guitar, Snow White-Scout leaves the world of floating bubbles, fanfare, meet and greet interactions with a flippant, tossed ice cream cone on the pavement." -Impose TV

Director: Scout Niblett
D.P.: Jeff Rowles
Editor: Scout Niblett and Jeff Rowles

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