Dir: Enzo G. Castellari, 1981.
88 min. Italy.
Dubbed in English.

Part of BETTER THAN JAWS weekend!

From hard hitting Italian genre genius Enzo G. Castellari comes the most uncanny of all Jaws clones, The Last Shark (L'ultimo squalo). This one swam so close to the original that Universal Pictures slapped a big fat lawsuit on the distributor and pulled the movie from American screens shortly after its release. Universal cried plagiarism, but we all know the real reason- they were scared!


Two reasons: this shark is really, really scary and VIC MORROW. That's right, trash movie martyr Vic Morrow brings his intense presence to the aquatic proceedings as a grizzled shark whisperer. Is he Irish, is he Scottish? Who knows, but he's got a brogue and he hates sharks. Sound familiar? Well, the similarities don't end there, trust me. You know the story, but it's the style that makes this one shine. Castellari's impeccable penchant for slow motion, gorgeous photography, and perfectly realized action all add up to a slick, ultra Italian entry into the "hey, this is pretty much Jaws" sub-genre.

And forget John Williams - Castellari's frequent collaborators, the brilliant De Angelis brothers, provide their signature funky sounds to this baby, including the KILLER theme.

Unavailable on video in the U.S. for years, The Spectacle plucks The Last Shark out of import laserdisc limbo and puts it back on the screen! Kick the summer off right and say "GO TO HELL BIG MOVIE STUDIOS!" The originals may be owned by the majors, but the rip-offs belong to the people!

Trailer by Dash Flanagan


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