It's Saturday morning, it's raining, my 1000x CF cards are here, and I'm just itching to try out the 5D Mark III's newfound raw shooting capabilities. Unlike my previous attempt which was stuck to 1280 x 540 due to slow cards (, this Komputerbay 1000x CF allows me to shoot away relatively reliably at 1920 x 840... very close to the hallowed 2.35:1 cinema ratio. It's an aesthetic I'm stuck with at the moment but which I'm enjoying tremendously.

I'm getting such latitude and flexibility in the image in post that words cannot express my excitement! This is now a proper cinema camera!

The highlight recovery in these files are unreal. I aimed to expose slightly 'to the right' to minimize noise in the shadows (which made the image appear slightly over-exposed in the viewfinder) but brought back almost all of the highlight detail in Adobe Camera Raw tool. Notable shots in this clip... 1.) The headlamp shot. In H264 exposing like this I would lose all of the detail in the reflectors and bits inside the headlamps. In raw, no problem. 2.) The shot from behind the car, focusing on the steering wheel. In H264, I would've lost all of the highlights in the background. I also played with the curves somewhat in this shot to achieve this very flat filmic look.

The hack is a bit unstable right now and every now and then I have to remove the battery to restart the camera. But my god, is the image and the flexibility stunning!

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