Nominations 'Best Cinematography' - Suffolk Film Festival 2013 UK
Official Selection - Sciacca Film Fest 2013 IT
Special Screening - "Salon des Refusés" Milano Film Festival 2013 IT
Special Screening - Unife Corto Festival 2013 IT

"2062. A young group of soldiers, the Droppers, is looking for one of the last water sources still uncontaminated by the global devastation that enveloped planet Earth. Despite the catastrophe, some factions determined to rule over each other, utterly sharpened the fight for survival."

Producer: zizzomagic
Co-Producer: Show Reel and 22HBG -
In collaboration with Nexus SoftAir
Soundtrack: Elya Bazzan
Sound Design: Giacomo Citro
Visual Effects: Flavio Moretti
Compositing: Michelangelo Frisoni
Voice Over: Alberto Pagnotta
Drone Camera: Giuseppe Foderaro / Valerio Nicolosi
Grafic: Riccardo Petrillo
Written and directed: Fabrizio Oggiano

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