UPDATED: See fixed version here: vimeo.com/67190319

NOTE: This was incorrectly exported from the DNG sequence to Pro Res. This is why you see a bit of stuttering going on. I have now figured out what I was doing wrong. The easiest way to avoid jitters, is go into after effects preferences / import and change the frame rate to 23.976!

A great demonstration of the capabilities of magic lantern 14 bit raw video with the 5d mark III. NO post sharpening was applied at all! Uploaded to here on Vimeo H.264 1080P target bit rat 32.000 with max 40,000. Canon 24-70 ii lens used. Regardless of the instability of the custom firmware, this is a HUGE game changer! Magic Lantern thank you again, a million times, most of us DON'T have hollywood budgets but long to be able to improve our art. A great day to be a magic lantern user with Canon in tow ;-)

Be sure to download the original upload which is in full 1080P.

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