Mafia Boss Big Leo must disguise his business doings and what better place than a Funeral Home.

He hires Sam Magee to manage the home along with Rizzo and his sidekick Billy. Sam hires make-up artist Katrina and after she becomes known for her Celebrity Make-overs on the dead, Sam decides to cash in on her talents and keep the money for himself.

Meanwhile Rizzo and Billy do their own jobs on the side plus "Bringing in the Business" for Sam and Big Leo. Always the fearfull one, Big Leo sends his number one man, Marcelo, to check on the funeral home and keep everyone in line. Marcelo and Rizzo are always in a power struggle with one another.

A local newspaper writer, Andy, becomes suspicious after he notices the excessive amount of business the funeral is getting from different states. He decides to investigate the home and befriends Katrina.

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