A racing game full of Painting, Mayhem and Tactics.

Avoiding the classic Get-First-To-The-Line type of racing game. Brush Master features an open racing battle where tactics and skills probe to be your allies to win the game by covering most of the field with your colors by the time the clock runs off.

It makes you fight BIG Bosses and Teams of very small but lightning-fast Paint Rollers that join to beat you on the campaign mode.

It’s a crazy! It's fun!

It's a highly addictive painting game that challenge your creativity thinking to produce an incredible game experience. Full of PowerUps to improve the speed, double the size, spawning a bomb mayhem or just hitting the opponents to slow them down.

Best of all: Its now in an Open Beta where you can try the game directly on your browser before it hits the stores.

Play the beta at:

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