text: Ben Boretz (1981, USA)
reading: Gary Verkade (summer 2006, Piteå, Sweden)
music: 'piano garden' by Bob Paredes (1976)
prints & drawings: Jan Ferm (winter 2005-6, Öjebyn, Sweden)
put-together-er: Carmen Chan (2007, Rushworth, Australia)

I was introduced to Ben Boretz's “If I am a musical thinker” by Gary Verkade when I was studying with him in Sweden. It was in reference to ‘primal’ art, which we had been relating to Jan Ferm’s prints and drawings at the time. Jan had been doing prints and paintings on big sheets of Chinese calligraphy paper on his kitchen floor after his kids had gone to bed, and was churning out piece after piece of artwork each night.

I felt strongly about Ben’s text, and subsequently came up with the idea of putting together a sort of musical slideshow with Jan’s ‘primal’ drawings. I wanted the text read by Gary – I enjoyed listening to his reading, I cannot count the times I was invited to dinner with him and his wife Kari, and at some stage he would pull out a book and read a few pages to entertain his guests. And, I wanted to set the slideshow in a musical garden in Bob Paredes' music. So, there it was, a pretty simple idea.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generous input and permission. Permission to use Bob's music has been granted by Melody Scherubel.

For more information on the DYSWIH project, visit doyouseewhatihear.org

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