TOGETHER is an interactive performance experiment performed live at the ITP Floor on May 18, 2013 for Luke Du'Bois' Live Image Processing and Performance class.

Using their phones to call in, the audience can participate in the music creation in real-time. The audio level from their cellphone mic determines the level of their drone track that synchs with the current key. This version has much more limited control than my previous experiments, but musically was more successful.

This project is programmed in openFrameworks, MAX/MSP, Asterisk, NODE.js, and the music is created with Ableton. The ofxTinyphone library I used was originally a java-client written by Chris Kairalla for the ITP Redial class, which i ported to c++/openFrameworks.

***This song was written only two days prior to this one-time performance with little time to rehearse...please excuse the singing ;)

Project conceived, designed and executed by Mike Allison

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