"Marquette In Spring" is a short film made to showcase my hometown's reemergence from a long winter season. "Marquette In Spring" was shot between April 27 and May 18, 2013 entirely within Marquette city limits. To give the film a true Marquette feel, I set it to the music of local singer-songwriter Michael Waite; a voice that to me, embodies the character and class of the people who live in this region of the world. Enjoy! Please feel free share with your friends and like minded networks.

When co-producer Jessica Wolf and I originally pitched the idea of "Marquette In Spring" to singer-songwriter Michael Waite it was just a weekend project; shoot on Saturday, edit on Sunday, then release on Monday. As we got to shooting the project, we quickly realized the scope was far larger than we had originally intended. It turned into a three week epic that we kept on a tight schedule to release a week prior to memorial day; what I feel is the end of the spring season. We shot every chance we got, with unpredictable Upper Michigan weather making our ambitious little project challenging at best at times. On more than one occasion we awoke to snow accumulations over the course of shooting that stunted the appearance of spring blossoms we wished to capture. Fortunately, with a bit of tenacity and help from some friends, we managed to pull this piece together that we hope will invoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia in those who also share a love for this area in which we live, while at the same time might introduce it to some who are yet unfamiliar.

To learn more about the incredible talent that is Michael Waite, look him up on Vimeo or visit his website at:

Co-producer Jessica Wolf's eye for imaging was indispensable to the making of this film, you can find out more about her and her photography at:

To find out more about me and my little grass-roots production company follow these links:
Twitter: @SteveTatzmann

Thanks again for watching! Any tips earned from this video will go to support the artists involved in the making of this short and will ensure more projects similar to this in the future!

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