The 2013 edition of Traveling Stanzas is a collaborative project between Kent State University’s Wick Poetry Center and Glyphix design studio. This series combines the creative talents of KSU Visual Communication Design students with student writers (grades 3–12), health care providers, patients, veterans and professional writers to encourage dialogue about the connection between art and medicine, writing and healing.

Much appreciation to Michael Mlekoday who graciously allowed us to use his poem "Cartilage, Cartilage" as inspiration for a poster design and poetry animation.

Cartilage, Cartilage

Careful like a candle I always
harden back into myself
and am re-shaped, maybe, but alive.
I have walked through fires
and swung kitchen knives
like a specialist in heat.
I have slept through natural disasters
and band practices only to dream
of growing up to be a designer
of lackluster bridges. Bring me
blindfolded to the candy store
and make me tongue the walls.
Put taffy in my hands,
whisper cartilage, cartilage.
The consistency of matter
is only a matter of packaging,
the dense and swarm of flesh,
musculature. I am bloat and barrel.
I am a series of mouths
that do not need watering.
This bark, this patina,
is the only anchor
I drag across the dirt.

—Michael Mlekoday
from The Dead Eat Everything, The Kent State University Press, 2013

Artwork and animation by Marivi Dionisio.

Major sponsorship for Traveling Stanzas has been provided by
Summa Foundation, Akron, Ohio

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