From an hour long split-screen video installation made in collaboration with artists Lovett / Codagnone, with music by CANDIDATE / Michele Pauli.

'of Brest' explores the ambiguous and mutable relationship between desire, reality, disguise, and invention, roaming and transmuting the French port town of Brest, setting of Jean Genet’s novella, Querelle de Brest, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s film adaptation, Querelle.

What can be disguised? Shattered like a mirror? Searched? What passions and desires do I hide and confirm? Denying and realize? How is it to feel that 'the hand that strikes is able to caress'? To feel dominant and dominated? Lost and found? Capable and constrained? An image and mere reflection? Realized and never there?

Exhibited at September Gallery, Berlin, 2011.

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