This test was for my own edification, but I figured it may be handy to some other shooter out there. Take it for what it is: a totally un-scientific view of what this lens can do on this body.

After deciding not to update to a GH3 (sensor is even more cropped than GH2) or a Canon 5D mk III (not into the Canon blurry look, and I can always over-saturate my pics to match 5D!) I went out and bought a $1200 lens - the Vario G 12 to 35mm f2.8, with OIS and AF. Having said that, I do like the Canon's DR, but I have a 'proper' camera for that (S-log to Prores HQ recorder anyone?)

Why would I do that with a bucket-load of Primes that already fit my GH2 (and PMW-F3)? I've found I have a couple of catalogue clients that want me to shoot stills, so I was in need of a fast AF lens. Sure, the bokeh isn't as pleasing as my vintage Nikkor primes (or Sony T2 kit), but hey, not every job needs to look like it has a depth of field of 1 inch :)

Camera settings: 1080p, Flowmotion hack (44mb), Smooth colour, contrast -2, NR-2.
Post production: No colour grading, a little exposure balance here and there.

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