~Living Waters~

I'm telling you this because this is true
This is a fact
This is supported by History
This is something that's happening every day in every country of the World

We look at ourselves we say we are weak

You know, we're like a small plot of land
Next to a Tap

We look at ourselves we see that we are dry
We look at the Tap
It is dry

We look inside the Tap
It is still dry

We look beyond our little parcel of land
Everything is Parched

Behind that Tap
There is a Reserve
Of Pure, Refreshing Water

Ready to be Released
Ready to Gush Forth

All you have to do is
To Approach that Tap
and give it a gentle Push

And then you will see what happens

Because the energy you apply
Has nothing to do with the energy which is going to Gush Forth

With such Rapidity and Strength
Because the water that is there is Celestial Water
It's the Water of God
The Living Water's of their Imprisonment

Waiting for this Act

But then,
Open Your Mouth
And Open Your Hearts

That's when you are Opening that Tap
The Water Come
It will Water your little plot

and it will Water the Lands Beyond

You feel a new refreshed Soul
Your Dry - You feel you are a new being

Because the Water is Passing Through you
You are Benefiting through the Water Yourself

As it is being delivered to the rest of the Area
That is what we should Do

~ Ali Nakhjavani



For more information about 432hz music and how it affects your body:


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