This video contains footage from...
Identity Music Festival 2012 (NY)
Ignition: Firestone Live (FL)
Dublins (NY)
The Whiskey Rebel (NY)
Project V House Party (NY)
Boss Ultra Lounge (FL)
Break Of Down House Party (FL)
...And various other utopias events.
Let it be known that DJ 2COx was on the scene during all of the filming either dancing with midgets, drinking orange juice, or straightening his tie.
Lights, Camera, Twerk!

Filmed By DJ 2COx, The Plainview Manwhore, Big O-Port Pimpin', & Panostotle The Sexy
Edited By Conclusion Music

The Definition Of Party
Who Wants To Get Filthy Tonight? (2010)
Produced By DJ 2COx
Conclusion Music

Video ShoutOuts to The Plainview Manwhore, Big O-Port Pimpin', Panostotle The Sexy, Olivia Newton-Tsungu, Vagabond Jerk, KRhoop, Slevy, King Shomari, Cousin Pumpkin, DJ Cruz, and anyone else seen defining the word #party.

Album ShoutOuts to DJ Maky & RJV, Z, The Bomber Boner, KRhoop, Mark, Shomari, Tooba, Ravi AKA Kevin G, H.C. Matty Scott, Marcus Frizzwald, Big G, Sarah G, Gabby C, D.Hibbz, Dannaconda, Dagz, Buck Rogers, Eddie Supa, Pellegrino, Cousin Pumpkin, Denise, Amway Global, Twitter People, C.Meff, Big Lou, EveryoneElseWhoseAllGood!
To all the people who like to get filthy! Peace

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