Landing the job you’re most passionate about all starts with developing your networking and relationship building skills and that's what we're here to do! The Echo Link becomes a ripple effect and is an investment towards your future. It helps amplify your networking skills and maximizes your efforts when done correctly. It teaches you to put yourself out there and to connect and stay connected with other professionals that can help you get the job in your field of interest.

CEO Karen Goodman is a firm believer in starting from the ground up. It’s not only about building healthy business relationships, but also MAINTAINING these relationships. Without maintenance the network that you’ve worked so hard to build fizzles out. And what good is that?! Perseverance, motivation, determination are the keys in maintaining a powerful network and going after your professional dream.

As an expert in her field, Karen has helped numerous individuals strengthen their skills to land a job in the field they enjoy the most! You can NEVER have too many connections! More often than not these days, it’s who you know that will get your foot in the door, so why not ensure your networking and relationship building skills are in tip-top shape?

Book a session with The Echo Link today and watch your career flourish!

Please note - CEO, Karen Goodman, can also be booked for talk show segments. Please fill out the "Contact & Book" section on to book Ms. Goodman.

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