Nowadays private businesses present growing interest in the participative processes. But we have still to do with separate worlds. The world of private sector, the world of freelancers and the world of collaborative groups. While a lot of innovation is done in collaborative environments and freelancers create a flexible efficient working class, still the sector of companies is enabling most services and building products. Making this groups work together is in experimental phase, even in many big metropolitan areas in Europe.

This motivates us to ask a question about one specific geographic place, Gdansk Metropolitan Area (GMA). What interactions will appear, if freelancers, collaborative groups and private business joined forces to develop creative projects in a local scale? Let's bet on mixture of creativity of people working and living there! We trust that flexible metropolitan working model will bring dynamic allocation of resources, more robust to economic turbulences. We build Threewaver, a flexible collaboration method for open-minded people. We will focus on small practical steps to achieve our goals, without putting effort on theorizing.

The first of three phases is based on projects like "Free Desk Here", but our approach differs in sense that it is implemented locally in GMA, as we build local long-term trust-based business relations between established companies, freelancers and collaborative groups. The idea for the second phase is to build online platform that enable searching freelance-style specialists working in GMA. We propose a search-by-skill approach - the only aspects that are taken into account are skills, to balance the social-network approach. To meet new people with new skills, go out of your network! The third phase will benefit from the second one in a sense that it involves established businesses basing on the relations built with them previously.


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