"I loved this book. Now what should I read next?"

Visibrary is a visual book explorer that recreates the experience of browsing a bookshelf by visually expanding around a book you love.

This tablet friendy visual library explorer gives you a dynamic way of visually exploring the availability of your local library based on a source book. Visibrary suggests similar books that are in stock.

Selecting a particular book also displays icons that show the book in its available formats, such as audiobook, tablet reader, and film options.

Our free form visual approach lets you create and experience a personalized and serendipitous approach to discovering new books, allowing you to infinitely browse in any direction, recreating the feeling of casually browsing a bookstore.

Our virtual bookshelf is arranged by genre and themes relating to your chosen book. After digitally exploring the shelves of your local library using our tool, you can choose an available book and head to the library to pick it up.

This platform can easily incorporate other book databases beyond the New York Public Library api.

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