I had a couple hours at the beach, so I shot this to test the RAW 14BIT video coming out of my 5DMIII (thanks to Magic Lantern). The main purpose of this test was for me to see the clarity of the image coming out and the dynamic range. You can fully manipulate the image how you want it. With 14Bit Raw video you have so much more detail available to you. I didn't color correct, but only adjusted minimally in the RAW to give it a lower contrast image. I only had 1 - 90 MB/s card and 1 - 60 MB/s card, so I shot part of it at 1920x1080p and the rest at 1920x720p. There are some dropped frames since I didn't use a 1000x speed card.

Of course the video isn't as clear or sharp on vimeo as it actually is, so I recommend downloading the 1080p file for yourself to see. I'll be posting the Prores version to download as well once its online. Also, I shot the majority of it on the 70-200 which is a rather soft lens on the 5DMIII. It holds up much better in the Raw tests, but the image would be even sharper if a version II lens or a prime lens was used for the telephoto shots.

Here is a link to the ProRes File if you want to see it without compression.

Lenses used:
Canon 24-70 F/2.8 II
Canon 70-200 F/2.8 I
Zeiss 50mm F/2 Makro

Song: Youth Lagoon - "July" - Directed by Peter Borrud

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