Specific Practices of Ministry • Defining using Spiritual Gifting 70principle.org
In this lesson we will look at (Prophesy, Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues)
All the 9 Spiritual gifts mentioned in this list are super-natural manifestations of the Holy Spirit, they are not our natural gifts or abilities. God gave these specially designed gifts to the church because they are the best tools for the job.
1. Word of wisdom: a momentary impartation of divine wisdom pertaining to the situation at hand
2. Word of knowledge: supernaturally been made aware of information that you did not known before
3. Gift of faith: a sudden elevation of your ability to believe God for something.
4. Gifts of healing: a supernatural ability to bring healing many times by the laying on of hands
5. Miraculous powers: the power to do things miracles
6. Prophecy: to speak the immediate Word of the Lord:
7. Discerning of spirits: the ability to see into the spiritual world and or be made
supernaturally aware of spiritual beings and their intent.
8. Tongues: speaking a language you have not learned by the power of the holy spirit
9. Interpretation of tongues: a momentary ability to understand a language you did not
learn or to give the interpretation of the message given tongues.
These are all amazing gifts & God encourages us to earnestly desire them.

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