This is a section of the part Sky Arts / IdeasTap funded animated short, At-issue. This segment is towards the middle of the film where the main character, Bart, reaches the audition to fulfil his dream.
Fully animated, graded, de-rigged, foley added and edited. All that's left to add is the composed music (which will be beautifully done once all the animation has been completed.

Director: Drew Roper
Animator: Andy Biddle
2D Animator: Alex Joleaf
DOP: Sai Smith
Storyboards: Kelly Thomas
Visual FX: Berian Lowe
Foley FX: Marc Silk
Composer: Craig Sutherland
Set Makers: Chris Gough, Drew Roper, Chris Croton
Rigger: Chris Gough
Set dressers / Prop makers: Tommy Grainger, Sarah Crombie, Fung Ye Tsang, Laura Morgan
Model Maker: Andrew Bloxham,
Junior Model Maker: Michael Price
Puppet Fabricator: Nancy Stott
Editor: Sai Smith
Special thanks: Sky Arts, IdeasTap, The Custard Factory, UK Light, The Clock Workshop, Light House, Rayburn Plastics, Protec, Brandon Tool Hire

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