Concept & Interactive Design: Marko Todorovic, Jana Rodic
Production: LiveViewStudio
LiveViewStudio was approached by MTS, regional telecommunication company, to design an interactive space installation dedicated to history of space explorations. The installation was to be shown during the annual Science Festival in Belgrade. The challenge was to design a solution that would attract an audience, foster interactivity and promote the MTS brand as an innovator. The solution proposed by LiveViewStudio was to design an interactive AR installation encompasing four different elements:

1. Interactive Portal – Augmented Reality Window
As MTS is a regional leader in telecom services, we used the outdoor advertising and augmented reality to bring to life the ad on the shop window, and intrigue the visitors in the days before the festival. When viewed with smartphone and junaio augmented reality browser the print triggered the animation of astronaut with the audio from Apollo landing.

2. Kosmodrom – Augmented Reality Cube Puzzle
Cube puzzle is an interactive installation where children assemble a puzzle, which through computer vision and augmented reality triggers 3D animations of iconic scenes from the history of space explorations. The puzzle represents a part of LVS’s larger interest in connecting the analog and the digital, and creating novel experiences where interactions in the real world (real-world interactions) have their virtual consequences.
The interactive puzzle consists of 9 cubes that can create 6 different pictures. Each picture, when assembled, comes alive triggering a 3D animation dedicated to one of the milestones in the exploration of Space. Scenes such as the Apollo landing, black hole or first space travel. By rotating the cubes, or using the magic hand children can trigger different interactive scenarios.

3. Greetings from Space – Augmented Reality Coloring Postcards
During the festival, one of the exhibition elements that drew significant attention of visitors, and especially children were interactive AR Coloring Postcards. Filling the pattern on the postcard users would create the marker and using theit mobile phones discover different 3d animations.

4. Chestburster - Augmented Reality T-shirt
As in every space exploration, there were hidden dangers. Kosmodrom crew members had T-shirts triggering iconic scene from the movie Alien and chestburster animation.

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