On April 2013 we spent 10 days skiing in the one of the oldest national parks in Europe, Sarek (Northern Sweden). Sarek is mostly known for its remoteness, vast landscape, and it houses a number of peaks over 2000 metres (and around 200 peaks that reach 1800m). The park has no marked trails or no accommodations. During our time there we saw only three other groups of people, but even more wildlife.

We had a snowmobile ride in and out to the border of the park, in order to shorten the approach by a couple of days. However, we spent a total of 4 days approaching in and out. In 10 days we we're able to cover only a tiny bit of what the area has to offer. The park has an average diameter of 50 kilometers (1970km^2).

Pictures and a story in finnish: rollomixed.com/2013/05/sarek.html

Och det samma på finska: kyykkäystä kairassa.

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