Translation (by Meeriva):

Laura: We can't go on like this any longer.
Esra: Like what?
Laura: Sneaking out like I'm some sort of secret one-night stand.
Esra: I still have to clean up at home. It's not fair to leave Corien with my mess, seeing I'm always here
and my clothes are over there.
Laura: Then you should come and live here.
Esra: Here? With you?
Laura: Yeah, why not?
Esra: We just met... I'm trying to do things different this time, to take it slow. And then you're asking me this?
And it's not fair to Corien, she just got used to splitting the bills with me and you live twice as far from Malaika. It's just not practical.
Laura: I'm not asking because it's practical. I'm asking because I love you.
Esra: Okay, now you're the one rushing things. Not me...
Are you being serious?
Laura: Yes, I'm serious!
Esra: Okay! Yeah! Yes, I want to come live with you!
Laura: Get back in bed then.

dutch soap Malaika from rtl5
no copyright infringement intended

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