Creep Street & NotBotFX Present HIT & RUN!
A short film of a different caliber...
Real G's always move in silence, which is why we've been secretly working on this 3rd Creep Street short film for almost a year now?! We really hope you enjoy it as there was tons of work put into this production by a crazy talented team of artists, actors, and producers! You might even recognize some people cough cough* Walking Dead but most importantly you recognize that when good friends come together, it only means one thing –

Do I smell a sequel?!

Director/Writter/Producer: Lawrence Mercado
Director of Photography/Assistant Director: Nicolas Wachter
Executive Producer: Stephen Villela
Producer: Boris Ladykiller Changstein, Jr. Esq.
Camera Operator: Nicolas Herrera
Assistant Camera: Karin Stefanofsky
Gaffer/Storyboard Artist: Chris Brucks
Grip: Than Niles Grip
Boom Operator: John Reeve
DIT: Caitlin Quinn
Makeup: D. Lealaimatafao
Hair Stylist: Valerie Perez
Craft Services: Buddy Calvo
Special Effects/Makeup: NotBotFx
VFX: Jaqgravan Sananikone & Pixelsapien

Special Thanks:
The Ten Eleven Bar - San Antonio, Texas
Everyone who came to the Premiere & recognize who's been doing this shit since day uno. We love you.
Creep Street ©2013. All Rights Revoked. Eat Shit & Live!™

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