Teaser video for the mini-film and photoshoot Sapstain by Mlle Chèvre.

Sapstain is a type of fungus that develops itself in wood that have been cut down or has fell naturally. It creates colored stains, normally blue but also black, red and yellow. Even if it is considered undesirable in some cases, the patterns created are so beautiful it is hard to consider it a default.
Just like the new deep ways of thinking that comes when entering adulthood, it feels like an invasion of something corrosive, but is in fact only an hard passage to beautiful experiences.
This photoshoot is based on this kind of beauty. Something that feels wrong but is in fact wonderful. It explores this idea by traveling through concepts of wilderness, youth, sensuality, nature, freedom, dream, and our ever lasting child.

Art Director: Mlle Chèvre
Design, Camera & Montage: Atelier oil and sugar
Model: Christina Fayad
Music: Woodland Creatures - Kevin Bryce

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