PINK MOVIE is a personal auto-documentary that projects an authentic emotional core that exists parallel to self-aware broken constructions of cinema, homosexuality, age, relationships, boorishness, transgression, etc. Taunting yet pure, the imagery creates a space of play with violence and love; depravity and beauty; debauchery and simplicity; all while expressing a very strong intellectualized emotional outlook.

This video alludes to a discussion of arts, which are integrated into heteronormative constructs. However, it is not degraded by politics thus creating a staunch example of queering art as the art speaks for queering (rather then queering art for the sake of transgression). Also, exploiting artifice in image making, the video creates a dynamic language that works successfully in a queer manner.

Third place at Exfest 2013
Audience Pick at Exfest 2013
Rejected from MIXNYC (too queer for the queer film festival)

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