ABOUT THE TRACK : Let`s Go is the UFO of Rone´s sophomore album “Tohu Bohu”. It takes the trademark emotional, widerange Rone sound and adds a relentless electro rhythm, vocal samples evoking the heyday of House music, and the irresistible flow of an iconic figure from the leftfield rap scene, High Priest of Antipop Consortium. The “wild edit” used for this video will be released on single on 17th June 2013.

ABOUT THE VIDEO : Synopsis : This video is the sequel of Principles of Geometry`s video "Springed Dodge" juliencarot.com/75287/775970/works/springed-dodge

A “house” skyrockets in the night, reaching new stellar territories. A band of bizarre characters are floating in a weightless environment. The viewer is drowned in a absurd atmosphere of stylish redneck.

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR : Julien Carot began working in 1999 as a freelance graphic designer in the music industry. Having worked in creative studios and advertising agencies, he began specialising in music videos and directing advertisments. In 2009 he collaborated with Guilhen Schwegler and together they created Animal Farm, a structure combining creative studio and audiovisual production. juliencarot.com/139018/775970/clips/springed-dodge

Julien Carot would like to thank : Gilles de Givry, Tiphaine Dang, Olivier Blanchon, Yann Ruffieux, Dorothée Baussan, Anne Carpentier, Jeremy Hoareau, Etienne Palasti, Suzanne Palasti, Irène Billard, Dorothée Baussan, Antoine Ferracci, Philippe Brandon,

Directeur photo: Léo Hinstin
Steadicamer: Nicolas Cagniard
Chef déco: Dorothée Baussan
Stylisme: Marie Déhé
Coiffure: Dominique Da Silva
Maquillage: Lucie Ably
Assistant caméra: Pierluigi De Palo
2nd assistant caméra : Sanjiv BONIFACE
Chef électro: Elyan Charvet
1er Assistant electro: Pierre-Emmanuel Franiatte
Chef machiniste: Emmanuel Assenat
Second assistant machiniste: Clément Sautel
Dresseuse / Assisstante de production: Valérie Chavanon
Porteurs: Fabrice Mbea & Nizam Aumeer
Etallonage: Guillaume Faure

Remerciements: Aurelie Castex, Guilhen Schwegler, Erwan Castex, Benoit Carot, Hélène Bout, Laurence & Agnes De Ganay, Nathalie Carot, (BMRP), Yannick & Alex ( Infiné), Laura Brument, Raphaël Kourilsky, Laurent
Kleindienst (TSF / Locaflash), Fabrice (Drop it Courrier)

Produit par Animal Farm

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