A "trailer" for my latest course at NYU (Robots, Minds, and the Human Brain). A time-lapse of building one of the robots each student or group is assigned at the beginning of the semester.

Course Description:
What is a mind? How is the operation of the mind related to the operation of the brain? How can we best develop a science of human behavior? In this course, an approach to these questions is explored based on the idea that minds are essentially computational devices, similar to everyday computers or robots. Under this view, the goal of psychology is to "reverse engineer" the algorithms that the mind uses to solve problems. To help demonstrate these ideas in a very concrete way, the course will involve hands-on labs where students physically interact with simple Ardunio-based robots. Students will gain a better understanding of the philosophy of cognitive science, how human brains and minds work, learn some basic programming (C), and even how to build and program simple robots.

Check gureckislab.org for more info!

Previous syllabus: gureckislab.org/courses/spring13/robots/

Photo help from Kylan Larson (kylanlarson.com/), music help from Trevor Gureckis (gureckis.com/).

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