Course overview
Using the exercise files
1. Setting Up a Test Environment
What you need to get started
==* Installing Moodle on a Mac *== You are here
Configuring Moodle for the Mac
Installing Moodle on a Windows computer
Configuring Moodle for Windows
Creating a custom theme
Creating user accounts
Creating a new course
Just enough site administration
2. Getting Started1h
Logging in and getting oriented
Managing private files
Customizing your profile
Customizing course settings
Editing the header block
Posting a course syllabus
Communicating news to students
Managing files and folders
Posting lecture slides
Organizing course content
Setting up the Gradebook
Creating a simple assignment
Messaging students
3. Using the HTML Editor
HTML Editor overview
Formatting text
Creating internal links
Creating external links
Inserting local pictures with HTML
Creating equations
4. Working with Media
Preparing images
Posting image files
Posting a photo gallery
Creating header graphics in Fireworks
Preparing audio
Posting audio files
Preparing video
Posting QuickTime video as .mov files
Posting Flash video as .flv files
5. Using Repositories
Understanding repositories
Configuring a Dropbox repository
Using a Dropbox repository
Configuring a Google Docs repository
Using a Google Docs repository
Configuring a Flickr repository
Using a Flickr repository
Configuring the YouTube videos repository
Using the YouTube videos repository
6. Creating Resources
Understanding resources and activities
Posting a file or document
Displaying a folder of documents
Using a label to bring your course to life
Creating a custom web page
Posting a URL for a web resource
7. Managing Assignments
Assignments overview
Advanced uploading of files assignment
Online text assignment
Uploading a single file assignment
Offline activity assignment
Assignment and Gradebook interactions
8. Adding Activities35m
Creating a live chat room
Understanding Choice, Feedback, and Survey activities
Creating a Choice activity
Creating a customized Feedback activity
Adding a multiple choice question
Adding a dependent followup question
Adding a rating question
Adding an open response question
Analyzing Feedback results
Adding a standardized survey
9. Building Glossaries
Creating a main glossary
Adding concepts to the glossary
Enabling glossary auto-linking
Creating a secondary glossary
10. Creating Forums
Creating a forum
Seeding a forum with questions
Participating in a forum
11. Creating a Wiki
Creating a wiki
Wiki editing basics
Creating new pages
Creating lists
Adding images
Creating external links
Creating a table
12. Assessing Student with Tests and Quizzes
Online assessment overview
Creating question pool categories
Creating a first question
Creating true/false questions
Creating multiple choice questions
Creating short answer questions
Creating essay questions
Creating match questions
Creating a quiz
Adding questions to a quiz
Changing the order of questions
Assigning quiz points
Previewing a finished quiz
13. Using the Grades Tools
Gradebook overview
Moving an assignment into a category
Completing assignments as a student
Grading assignments
Using quick grading
Grading assignments with uploaded files
Grading offline assignments
Grading an online quiz
Exporting grades to Excel
Importing grades from Excel
14. Using Calendars and Events
Calendars and events overview
Creating a new event
Creating a repeating event
15. Managing Courses
Course administration overview
Managing course settings
Enabling completion tracking
Setting tracking for resources and activities
Managing tracking settings
Reporting on course tracking
Managing user roles
Backing up your course
Restoring data from a backup
Restoring a Moodle 1.9 course into Moodle 2.1
Importing content to another course
Resetting a course
Additional resources

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