Bloody Mary is my first attempt at storytelling using Second Life as a machinima platform. Its is the sad tale of a young woman as she tries to find happiness at a dance club. The results are unexpected.

Bloody Mary began as an simple experiment. Could I shoot a few hours of film and sculpt a story out the frames? I after scrolling through the events calendar, I choose an Avatar Costume Contest. I spent the next 90 minutes shooting away and trying to capture as much footage as possible.

A the end of the event i wasn't sure if i would be able to make any short of tale out of the completely random visuals i had on my hands. After a few hours of playing around with the footage, a simple narrative began to emerge. Girl meets boy. Girl gets rejected. Girl tries to recover the boys affection. Girl slaughters an entire dance floor of people.

With the concept in hand, i wandered the Creative Commons website trying to find the perfect song. I knew i had a winner after i listened to Clyde Federal's tune "Cold Marble." I believe it works very well with the story. Could it be one of my favorite songs of all time.

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