"Stripped Bare" is a brief insight from my Godfather whom I trust, love, and respect. I must first thank him for sharing his wisdom with me and entrusting Variable to share his beliefs with the world.

The theme for this film was sparked through an e-mail I received from my Godfather earlier this year when I had reached out to him for advice during a transitional period in my filmmaking career. His e-mail stated something so obvious and true to my foundation that I immediately felt shame amidst the incredible awakening effect it had on me. The following sentence in his e-mail struck me like a lightning bolt from above:

“Your highest purpose in life isn’t to be the greatest filmmaker ever, but to become as human as possible.”

What this meant to me was that the "work" I was striving so hard to accomplish was blinding me from what really matters most in life; the joy that comes from loving and truthful relationships I carry with me until the day I die. To this day I firmly believe that without truth or honesty, and love of self and others, we are failing to experience all the joy that life has to offer.

Ever since receiving my Godfather's e-mail our relationship flourished. I needed help, and thanks to his selflessness I was able to receive the necessary guidance. After spending a solid portion of this year in deep thought, the one topic that kept coming to the surface of our conversations was “joy.”

The topic of “joy” is very intriguing as it's my understanding that we all seek contentment within our lives, yet a good portion of us spend extended periods of time seeking it in many of the wrong places. That was the case with me at least, and I can confidently say that I did not find joy solely in "doing", however I did find joy by slowing down, focusing on what's important in life, and simply "being." At this point in our fast-paced society, I think it's safe to say that we all need to come together and cure what we created ourselves to be in order to live out what we were created to be; Human Beings, and not "Human Doings."

Thanks for reading!


Directed | Filmed | Edited: Jonathan Bregel
Production Company: Variable
Score: Goldmund - "Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier"


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